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Once your credit is at the score we need I'll help you get your loan with the best possible rates so you can qualify for the home you want or refinace into the best possible interest rate.

We will discuss your situation and determine how much we need to raise your credit.

I will pull your credit report and determine how much we can raise your credit and what we need to do. Sometimes it is a matter of paying down a credit card or simply disputing something with the credit bureaus.

I'll work with you to do the necessary things to raise your credit score and guide you through the process, monitoring your score along the way.

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Manage Your Credit Repair

You will be sent new dispute letters every 60 days for twelve months. So all you have to do is repeat this process and you’ll be on your way to improving your credit profile.  As you receive these dispute letters, you are encouraged to modify them as needed. This is helpful in cases of mixed credit files among family members, identity theft, or inaccurate information regarding accounts that are paid off. United Credit’s customer support is available to answer any questions you may have.


As the industry’s first proactive and interactive credit repair service, United Credit is able to offer regular progress reports so you know the status of your credit and you’ll be able to actually SEE your credit score improving. From these reports, you will know the number of disputes completed and the resulting number of deleted items. You can also access your account online anytime to get all the details any time, day or night. Enroll
Credit Restoration

Credit affects everything in todays society, from how much you pay for car insurance, to how much home you can purchase. And it can be confusing, trying to figure out what will help raise your credit and how much will your credit be affected by paying certain things off or disputing other things.

But, don't worry, I help people repair their credit and I can use my software system to analyze how much your credit will change by doing different things and I can see how much your score will be affected! I've helped hundreds of people raise their credit score and the best part is, it's free with my services :)

The process is outlined in the steps below.

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